Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blog design/template.

I am freaking out right now. I actually have been freaking out for the last two weeks or so and I think that's why I had not posted anything.

I normally don't need much motivation to do what I like to do (blogging), but I feel there's a serious problem with my blog. The first design or template I set for it, was very nice and the colors played along with each other really well. But as any other normal person, I was bound to get tired of only one design for some time and crave upgrades. And so I did, I decided I wanted to change various aspects; the general background, the font, and even the color of the text.

Anyway, I seem to be unable to do so. I've already sent multiple messages to whoever is in charge of these blogs but I haven't seen any change since. I will wait hopeful however, until I am allowed to change the template of my oh-so-beloved blog.

Until then, I guess I do like the current background, but the font...not so much. Oh well, no more complaining ha!

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

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