Friday, January 24, 2014

Not too personal.

Since I started this blog I knew what I wanted it to be more or less. It would be a blog which is meant to tell my story in some way and share my experiences with others. I give my opinion and insight in different topics and until now, it's been like that.

I was thinking the other day that a personal blog can be something you need to handle very carefully. Since it is likely other people will be reading it, you have to consider what to post and what not to post. Self expression is a lovely thing, as long as you do it in a smart way. 

I like sharing stories and experiences about my life on this blog, but I do think that I need to keep the extremely personal stuff to myself. We live in a world in which anything you say or do can end up on public territory. And it is so easily shared, that avoiding causing conflicts with other people is something delicate. 

From now on, more than sharing my feelings or exactly what I think about something I will only share what I've learned from it. 

Good night, lovely people. 

*kisskiss* - Adrienne. 

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