Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year 2014.

Wow, this has been a busy and somewhat difficult year.

I could complain, but I honestly think that the hard times I had this year presented themselves as obstacles which I needed to complete. Lessons more than anything. And boy, did I learn! As much as I thought I was mature before, I wasn't. I turned 20 this year, but it took me some time to know what being an "adult" means. And even now, I think I'm still learning.

Life can bring you down sometimes, and no matter how hard you try you cannot change the way other people act or think. All you can do is change and improve yourself.

That saying that goes "Happiness comes from the inside..." is totally true. You can't lead a positive and awesome life if you feel sad and gloomy on the inside. Faking it doesn't work either by the way, it just postpones the fall.

This New Year (and every new day, actually) is an opportunity for everyone to start from scratch. To pick yourself up and get it together. Take control of your life. Don't complain about what you don't have, work with what you do have. And make the best of it. Realize that you could be living the life of your dreams, right now. You never know if tomorrow will come, so make every moment worthwhile.

Happy New Year, and may 2014 be the BEST ONE! Make it so!

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Insomnia Blues.

I don't know if I've said this before, but I suffer from really bad insomnia. I don't even remember when or how it started, but I do know it's one of the very few things that make me feel powerless. I have such a hard time trying to go to sleep, that I have to take pills (which by the way are for treating nausea) so I can fall asleep. I could try taking pills that are purposely for falling asleep but I'm scared I'll develop an addiction. Still, I can't go one day without taking the ones I already do take, so I guess that's already done.

I can't understand how there are some people who go to bed at dawn and have no trouble waking up the next morning (cough, cough, my sister). I simply can't do that. If I go to bed late, I have to at least sleep a few hours.
One of the biggest concerns I have about this situation is that sometimes when I do go to bed reasonably early, I get woken up by my sister in the middle of the night. And trust me, once I wake up I have to start the process of taking pills/falling asleep all over again.

I really hope that this new year I will be able to go to bed early, sleep for eight hours like a normal human being, and wake up early in the morning. This is DEFINITELY going to be one of my resolutions. I think a good way to solve it will be by exercising daily. That is going to take a huge effort from my part.

What about you?  Do you have trouble falling asleep?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Year's Resolutions.

Everyone has tried at some point in their life to set a few New Year's Resolutions every new year. Maybe they don't strictly plan them out or write them down, but I think it's safe to say they at least think about those guilty pleasures and why they ought to stop doing them. Up until now, for me, it's not been really a goal. I really do have the good intentions of personal development, but when I say I am writing down my resolutions, I usually forget about them and never get to do them. This, I think, has a lot to do with setting unrealistic or too high expectations of change. I know, that I am capable of improving myself and I've certainly done it before. But I think the key here is BABY STEPS.

If you set resolutions that you know are too high for you to get done in a matter of days, you're most likely not to get around to getting them done.
So in the spirit of REALLY wanting to get rid of those terrible (and not so terrible) bad habits, set goals you know are realistic. Don't go to far. Well, at least that's what works for me.

This year, I think I'll have at least 3 main resolutions, and other small ones that are not so time-consuming. I am really excited for this New Year. I am always excited when it's about to be the New Year, but I think this year will have so much potential that I can almost feel it. I like believing in the significance of numbers. My favorite number is 7, and the separate numbers of 2014 add up to 7, so maybe it has something to do with that!
I love the holidays and am totally in the complete jolly spirit of it!

Do you already have your New Year's Resolutions?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Morning.

God, I have such a love/hate view towards mornings. Usually, I like getting up early on account that I suffer from insomnia and spend most of my night time hours wide awake. So naturally, waking up early isn't that easy for me. I really would love to change this about myself; I've had the worst experiences trying to fall asleep but once I've fallen asleep, I CAN'T WAKE UP. Seriously, it's like I'm dead.

Anyway, since about two years ago I've been taking sleeping pills (not the addictive type, though), and they work just fine for me. One at night usually does the trick. I did this last night and I went to bed early (11:30 or so) BUT woke up in the middle of the night at 4 a.m. I've had this happen to me quite a few times, and I absolutely loathe it.

To cease my whining ( I have been doing a lot of that lately, haha!), I really think it's time for me to re focus on my life goals and plans.What better time to organize my whole life again than the upcoming New Year?! I am very excited. I considered this period of time to be sort of a vacation. I am good and ready to start preparing myself for college. I will start attending next fall, yikes! But I will be spending the next six or seven months without going to school, so I HAVE to get a job. Some extra money never hurts, and I really want to be busy doing something else than only caring for myself. I think a excellent job option would be teaching. I love kids, I love English, and I have some decent communication skills. So, I'll give that a try I think.

Here's the inspirational/motivational quote of the day, and have a GREAT one!

Time to get some coffee!

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

OH MY GOOD LORD. I have already stated how much of a Harry Potter fan I am. Just to think that I honestly consider that The Hunger Games trilogy is right up there next to Harry Potter, amazes me. I never thought that I could love anything else as much as I love Harry Potter, and now, I do. And all be it, it's another set of books! I had this realization when I first finished watching Catching Fire. WOW. It was the best movie I've seen this year (because I saw Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 so, yeah...). I am definitely going to read the books now. The movie is just so beautifully done that I cried the whole time. It just got to me. It has themes that I think are very interesting, like standing up to the government, injustice, social movements, family and friendship. I think right now my two favorite characters are Effie and Johanna. Effie is just so sweet and a bit of an airhead, but is a good person. And Johanna, well, SHE'S JUST BAD ASS. Not to mention that my all time favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence, she is honestly a tremendous performer. I really like her because she seems to be a nice, goofy and down to Earth person in real life. Anyway, I really loved the movie. I already watched it two times and am considering going a third time. Really well done film.

Did you like the movie? Which of the two did you like the most?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Back on board.

I really can't express in mere words how sorry I am that haven't posted anything for some time now. It's not that I have a big audience, but I definitely have a passion for writing/blogging. I've just been super busy lately, and honestly November was an EXCELLENT month.

First thing to catch up on, is I had a great time on Halloween. I had a really fun time with my friends. I went to a costume party at a night club with a bunch of them and earlier in the day ate A LOT of candy. As usual, I had to have my fix of creepy movies/series and listened to my scary playlist quite a bit. As for the costume, I decided to go for vintage glam party goer, and I think it turned out pretty awesome. Here's the picture...

Now, November was seriously a GREAT month. I traveled to Las Vegas with my mom and my sister. We needed some serious bonding/family time. I had the time of my life. Since I'm not 21 yet (two months more, baby!) I couldn't enter the casinos or drink legally. But still, there's tons of stuff to do in Vegas. Most importantly some awesome shopping. We bought loads of cool stuff and I practically remade my wardrobe. The whole experience was definitely the best and I really did become a lot closer to my mom and sister. The only bad thing I would say was; I really was looking forward to buying a lot of books but I guess Las Vegas isn't really the place to buy books at. Anyway I got some good ones at Target and am currently reading one of them. It's really good. It's title is Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. We got back to Mexico super tired though no jet lag I guess.
December is already here, and I'm a HUGE fan of the holidays. I honestly CAN NOT wait or Christmas. I am very excited. 

What have you been up to lately? 

*kisskiss*, Adrienne.