Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

OH MY GOOD LORD. I have already stated how much of a Harry Potter fan I am. Just to think that I honestly consider that The Hunger Games trilogy is right up there next to Harry Potter, amazes me. I never thought that I could love anything else as much as I love Harry Potter, and now, I do. And all be it, it's another set of books! I had this realization when I first finished watching Catching Fire. WOW. It was the best movie I've seen this year (because I saw Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 so, yeah...). I am definitely going to read the books now. The movie is just so beautifully done that I cried the whole time. It just got to me. It has themes that I think are very interesting, like standing up to the government, injustice, social movements, family and friendship. I think right now my two favorite characters are Effie and Johanna. Effie is just so sweet and a bit of an airhead, but is a good person. And Johanna, well, SHE'S JUST BAD ASS. Not to mention that my all time favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence, she is honestly a tremendous performer. I really like her because she seems to be a nice, goofy and down to Earth person in real life. Anyway, I really loved the movie. I already watched it two times and am considering going a third time. Really well done film.

Did you like the movie? Which of the two did you like the most?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

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