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Fashion Inspired By: Family & Friends Part I

Some time ago I wrote a couple of posts called Fashion Inspired By: My Favorite Literary Characters. You can read Part I here, and Part II here. I also did one inspired by the Hogwarts Houses. Yeah, I'm THAT kind of Harry Potter freak, ha! You can read that one here.

I just want to make something clear, these posts are not an exact replica of how these people or characters dress. They are a lot more of what I pick up from their personal styles by looking at them or spending time with them. They are my own interpretation of their different styles.

Anyway, this time I thought it would be fun to inspire my next two (or more?) posts on real people. And by real people I mean, people I know (and love!) personally. So, here it goes...

Fashion Inspired By: Family & Friends! 

Melissa Parra (baby sis)

From left to right; E.L.F Blush, H&M lace trim top, Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain in Beloved, Topshop Petite Ankle Leggings, Gap Heathered Open Front Cardigan, Repetto Cendrillon Leather Ballerinas, Henri Bendel Debutante Pearl Stud Earrings, Pretaportobello Dragonfly Necklace, L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Extension Mascara.

First up is my adorable little sis; Melissa (note: she's only a year younger than me!). Having a sister who is the same size as you in clothing and shoes, is kind of what dreams are made of! All our lives we've never really shared clothes, each of us has our own entirely different closets. But it is fun to swap clothes every once in a while. Though, I do have to say, our personal styles are extremely different. Sometimes, I'll wear a shirt, skirt or dress that my sister would never wear. Or sometimes I pick out an accessory (*cough, cough* most recently an edgy ear cuff) that my sister admits is cool, although again, she would not wear herself. Or sometimes it's the other way around. However, I've come to admire the way she dresses with every day that goes by. She has this very clean and simple way of putting her outfits together. And I have noticed that her favorite colors are almost always nude tones or pastels. She once told me one of her favorite stores were The Gap and H&M hence the cardigan and the lace trim top; both of them in soft nude tones. My sister has this weird fixation with wearing leggings, she just loves them. Especially in black. So I picked out these pair from Topshop. 

The same "less is more" rule applies to her makeup, I think. She uses the same mascara I do, which I really can't reccomend enough; L'Oreal's Double Extend Lash Extension Mascara. It just makes eyelashes pop. For her lips she always uses the same lip stain (she adores it) by Revlon. Recently, she told me her favorite makeup brand was E.L.F Cosmetics because, drumroll's cheap and it has great quality. And I can't argue with her there, they definitely have some pretty great quality products, and the awesome prices are just a bonus!

For accessories, I decided on a Dragonfly Necklace by Pretaportobello because she actually does have a dragonfly necklace. She loves dragonflies because of what they represent; change and going beyond self created illusions. They do actually remind me of her. And for earrings, simple pearl studs. Because you just can't go wrong with classy pearls, am I right?

Paola Reyes (my not related but equally loved cousin)

From left to right; Miss Selfridge Double Layer Cami Top, Clinique Powder Blush,  Hollister Bettys Overalls,  Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Keds Taylor Swift Trainers, Bracelets: Baublebar Cape Knot bracelet, Michael Kors Heart Chain bracelet, Juicy Couture Pave Color Crush Genuine Beaded bracelet, Essie nail polish in Peach Daiquiri. 
Next up is my "not-actually-related" cousin, but whom I love just as much as any blood relative; Paola. I've known this girl for a really long time and she is definitely one of my favorite people and one of my best friends. Right now she's studying abroad in New Zealand, and I miss her like crazy because she's been there for almost a year now! She comes back home on July 2nd and I am just counting the hours, seriously. Paola's style (and her personality too, by the way...) is very laid back and she definitely knows how to take fashion risks! I recently saw a picture of her wearing short overalls and I don't think anyone but her could have pulled it off. I loved that she paired them off with a simple white tank top, which just made the whole outfit look very fresh and relaxed. The options I chose were a pair of overalls from Hollister and a cami top from Miss Selfridge. For shoes, I picked out these adorable floral sneakers by Keds which I think are the Taylor Swift edition. These are also a lot like the sneakers she was wearing in the picture. The shoes and the clothes just make the perfect outfit for hiking out Down Under, don't you think?

When it comes to makeup, Paola also likes to keep it pretty fresh and clean. She actually does use this exact same blush from Clinique. For her lashes, I chose Maybelline's Great Lash mascara because as I always say, you can't do better than the classics. And if I'm not mistaken, Paola has said this some time before.
 I don't think I've ever seen Paola out and about without having her nails done. She is always wearing at least one bright and daring color of nail polish and I respect that; plain nails are boring. 

Accessory-wise, it's not very common to see her without her array of stack-on bracelets. I like to think she's that kind of girl who wears bracelets from different special moments in her life. Like for example, one that was a gift from her boyfriend or a woven bracelet which she bought from the natives in New Zealand. 

Sofia Osorio (my actual cousin, ha! also very loved)

From left to right; Oakwood leather jacket, Kate Spade New York small square stud earrings in clear/gold, Mango skinny jeans, Alice + Olivia Amal Boxy Tank, Converse Women's All Star sneakers, M.A.C Viva Glam II lipstick in A33 Matte, Maybelline Falsies Waterproof mascara, M.A.C Mineralize Blush in Love Joy.

Next up is my actual blood related cousin; Sofia. I love this girl. She is kind of my confidant, I tell her everything. Boys, friends, anything really! We can talk for hours and she always has the best advice. She is just so mature for her age! She turns 17 this August and I feel like time is going by so quickly. Since we were kids, we've always gotten along so well, no matter the 4 year age difference! We were always making up creative and entertaining games; we once even pretended we were running our own magazine! It was so great. Moving on, as well as her personality Sofia's style is just so chic and classy. Every time, I approve more and more of the way she dresses. I picked a tank from Alice + Olivia which I thought looked A LOT like one she was wearing a couple weeks ago when we went to the movies. And she was wearing it with a brown leather jacket which also looked a lot like this one from Oakwood. For bottoms I chose these skinny jeans from Mango, which would look incredible on her. And for shoes, white Converse sneakers that she was in fact wearing the day of the movies. The overall look is simple but amazingly classy and trendy! 

Sofia's not much of an accessories girl I think, so I just picked these cute square stud earrings from Kate Spade New York. 

And for makeup, this is the actual lipstick she uses; M.A.C Viva Glam II lipstick in A33 Matte. I think this tone looks amazing on her! The other day she told me that she was currently trying out Maybelline's Falsies Waterproof mascara and that she was in love with it because it really never smudged. Great tip to know for summer! For blush she uses M.A.C Mineralize blush in Love Joy which looks great with her tan skin tone. 

Regina Gonzalez (one of my best friends)

From left to right; Forever 21 Love 21 sparkling lipgloss, Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash mascara, Kate Spade New York small square stud earrings in clear/silver, Ralph Lauren Sullivan super skinny dark wash jeans, Dune Kacey leather embellished sandals, H&M sleeveless blouse, NARS Cosmetics Blush in Orgasm. 

And last but most definitely not least, is one of my best friends; Regina. This girl is a beloved friend of mine. She is the kind of girl who is seriously super nice. I really can't think of anyone who doesn't like her. She's mature and well composed while still being silly when we're having fun. She's also the kind of friend with whom you have the greatest time when you're either drinking coffee together or at the club late at night! If I had to describe Regina's style I would say, SOPHISTICATED. She always looks classy and up to date, trend-wise speaking I mean. She definitely knows how to pull of the night-to-day transition look! So, I chose this cute soft pink top from H&M and paired it off with these pair of dark wash skinny jeans from Ralph Lauren. To finish of the look I picked these embellished sandals from Dune. I can SO see her wearing this. 

For accessories, I chose a pair of Kate Spade New York square stud earrings in clear/silver which are actually a lot like a pair of diamond studs I saw her wearing once. As well as Sofia, Regina keeps it pretty simple on the accessories. 

For makeup, I picked this lipgloss I got her from Forever 21 the last time I traveled to the US. I love that because she's blonde and tan, she can pull this adorable light pink color off! I would look so washed out. For her lashes, which by the way are like super long and nice, I chose Benefit's BADgal Lash mascara because I've heard such wonders about it! I definitely have to try it out myself. And for blush, I picked NARS blush in Orgasm which I myself own and can say that it is definitely worth the splurge! It looks great on any skin tone!

So, these girls make up the first part of my Fashion Inspired By: Family & Friends. Like I said, I enjoyed writing this post so much I will get working on the second part ASAP! 

What do you think?

*kisskiss* -Adrienne. 

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