Friday, June 13, 2014

Great music.

Woah. Now I really did take a long break from posting. Well, not that I needed to or wanted to, but I was kind of busy with school stuff and what not. First year of college this fall...bring it!

Anyway, I have lots of other posts already written. All I need to do is publish them, ha! But first I wanted to share some amazing music I found recently.

The first one would be...
Lana Del Rey's new album: Ultraviolence.

I've been a Lana Del Rey fan ever since her album Born to Die came out in 2012. I adore the sound of her voice and the way her lyrics are always a bit dark and very glamorous. Her previous songs were a little more upbeat than what we get to listen to on Ultraviolence, but I really loved that every song on this new album makes me feel like I'm in some kind of trance. It's so relaxing and inspiring. She also has this ability to make me feel like I'm in another era, I love it. I definitely recommend this album, it just came out today.

The other great musical discovery I made recently is a band (I think they're a band...) that covers today's hit songs as if they had been recorded in other decades. They have some really cool songs. Among my favorites is a vintage klezmer style cover of Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty To Me and a 1950s Doo Wop version of Pitbull and Ke$ha's song, Timber.

I've been listening to all these songs (and album) non stop. I love it when I find out about new music because it's such a big part of my life that it just helps me get through the day.

Check those songs and album out and you'll know what I'm talking about!

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

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