Friday, June 13, 2014

Inspiration Boards.

This post is about a creative and personal aspect of my life that I would like to share. So, here goes...

Inspiration Boards. 

All my life I've collected clippings of pictures I like in magazines and kept them somewhere. When I was very young I would keep them in different places like; folders, cardboard boxes and even in notebooks sometimes. But as I grew up I decided that I should turn my hobby into something creative and dare I say ARTISTIC? 
When I was about 10 I asked my Grandma about a bulletin board that was in my grandparents’ house and seeing as I was so interested in it she gave it to me! Got to love your grandparents, am I right? It didn't take me longer than a few weeks until I was already gathering my favorite pictures and any other thing that I liked and pinning it on my new board. 

A decade and a year later and I'm proud to say that my adored bulletin board has been remodeled so many times that I can't even count them. Over the years, the things I love and think that deserve to be on my board have been on it. And right now is no exception. This is the "Inspiration Board" (as I like to call it) that's currently in my bedroom. I add anything that I think will inspire me to be more creative. 

Check it out below...

Overall Look
The image above is basically how the whole thing looks like. As I mentioned before, it has everything I like pinned on it, from magazine clippings, pictures of family and myself, sketches I have drawn, silly polaroids with a friend from Denmark, "fortune cookie" quotes, and even a few stand out souvenirs from trips. To pin everything on it I use some simple Acco gold thumbtacks I got at my local Office Depot.

Left top side

From top to bottom, the first thing you can spot is a sketch I drew that has one of my initial letters "S" and the imaginary Hogwart's House I think I would belong to, that is if Houses combinations were a thing...Hufflepuff + Ravenclaw = Ravenpuff. Why not? Haha!

Next to that is a magazine clipping I found in a magazine about Natalia Alaverdian, who is the fashion director of Harper Bazaar Russia. She is also a huge style icon and a great source for fashion inspiration. You know me, right? I'm a die-hard fashion magazine buff! Sigh. 

The few pictures below and beside Natalia Alaverdian's profile are more magazine clippings which feature either backstage beauty looks from fashion shows (sleek ponytails and bright fuschia lips? YES, PLEASE), Guess Ads ( I love their advertisments! They're just the right amount of retro/glam), Teen Vogue Photoshoots (the girl with the dog is Victoria Justice; I love the dress and sweater combo!) a VOGUE subscription I kept, a couple looks from the Moschino Chic and Cheap and the Holly Fulton runways, and a picture of a Louis Vuitton travel bag with a few luxury beauty products inside it (and Chanel flats!)

The more unique pieces I have on this side of the board are...
A hot pink Sobranie Cocktail Cigarette I got from a classmate who had just gone to Europe, a couple of Fortune Cookie quotes which really spoke to me, a Polaroid a friend and I took with an Abercrombie and Fitch male model ( HE WAS SO DREAMY) in their 5th Ave. store in New York, and last but certainly not least, a picture of about 7 years ago I have with my baby cousin who's like a sister to me, and my actual sister who is probably going to kill me for posting this, ha! Both of them are two of my favorite people in the world and to see their faces everytime I glance at my board just brightens my day. 

And we're on to the left bottom side!

Left bottom side
I left off on the picture of my sister and my cousin so, below that is a strip of photo booth pics I took with the same friend in the Abercrombie one, she's from Denmark and we got along while on a school trip to New York; there were a couple of photo booths inside the Forever 21 on Times Square and we figured why not make a few more memories? The results were some pretty goofy looking faces which I'm sure you can tell we completely improvised.
Next to that is a magazine clipping of super-cool model Cara Delevingne in a red hot dress and contrasting black combat boots. A few more miscellaneous pictures of outfits I found in yet more (!!!) magazines and a profile of the amazing fashion blogger Hanneli Mustaparta whose style I adore; she always looks so chic! On top of Miss Mustaparta's profile is a picture I printed off my laptop of Anna and Elsa, the sisters from the Disney movie Frozen. I have said before that I relate to Elsa a lot because of many personal reasons and my sister and I think our relationship has a lot of similarities with that of Elsa and Anna.

And on to the right bottom side!

Right bottom side
Next to Hanneli Mustaparta's profile is a photo of Georgia May Jagger (which in this shot is really hard to notice...sorry about that!), daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Mick Jagger is the lead singer of Rolling Stones and since they are one of my top ten favorite bands, here is his daughter! Ha, no but seriously, Georgia herself is a model and represented British Fashion alongside (the Queen) Kate Moss in the 2012 London Olympic Games, she's kind of an idol for me, too! 
Next to Georgia's picture is a few red carpet looks starring; Cameron Diaz in Oscar De La Renta and Taylor Swift in Marchesa. 

More pics of models from various magazines and we're on to the right top side!

Right top side

On the very top and at the very right edge, there's a runway look of Elie Saab which I loved (I actually love ALL their looks!) MORE models, a picture of the sea (oh, the serenity...) and a picture of the ever lovely Poppy Delevingne. Actual three dimensional objects include: a clipping that says "Girl of the Moment", two pieces of candy that I got from an exposition at the MET Museum; they were giving them away as part of the art! Actually, right below the candy you can spot the little pin they give you when you enter the MET. Last but not least (finally, ha...) is a little chart I kept from a box of colored pencils. I kept it because I like the way it looks on my board and also because this way it's easier to see what colors I'm actually working with when I'm drawing.

So, that pretty much sums up the Inspiration Board I have on my bedroom wall right now. Oh, I almost forgot. In the back you can see the plum-colored wall behind the board which I painted by myself! Well, me and a friend. I loved the deep and strong tone!

What do you think? Do you have an Inspiration Board?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne. 

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