Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Condé Nast Cancels Internship Programs.

There is, I think, only one word for this. UPSETTING. I honestly felt like fainting when I found out. Seriously this is going to affect the industry in some MAJOR ways. As a person who strives to work in the fashion industry in the near future, and by the way, considers internships to be an excellent way to learn from the inside, I think this is terrible news.
So apparently, after a couple of lawsuits involving what the plaintiffs are calling "under paid jobs", Condé Nast Publications decided to actually stop giving us other people the opportunity of interning at their magazines and papers. I really think that if these people weren't happy with the amount they were being paid, they should have just quit. Seriously. That's kind of the point of internships; working your butt off in exchange for experience. Learning that hard work pays off. Some internships pay, some don't. I really don't think it was necessary to sue anyone. Now all kinds of media companies are deciding that internships are no longer needed.
God. For so long, interns are the ones who do jobs no other people want. Like filing documents, fetching coffee and other tasks that, believe it or not, are important. The fashion industry is such a HUGE business that without the people who are willing to do all these things, I am not really sure how this is gonna turn out to be a positive thing.
Anyway, I simply would like publicity companies to RECONSIDER this issue, and see that we all lose in the outcome.

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